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Gem machine

The Gem Machine is the marriage of high technology and ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Classical gem therapy gem therapy. The gems which are diamonds, emeralds, blue sapphire etc is an alternative form of healing. As a gem therapy practitioner it is my belief that the gems carry certain vibrations that connect with the persons aura, this ultimately can change the aura of the person to a more positive vibrational level.


It is an ancestral technique that also supports the relief of pain and can harmonize the balance of the mind, that can relieve stress and promote self healing.It is a very simplified, highly effective method that is used very rarely in certain parts of the United States


Many physical issues in the body is not having proper energy. Gem therapy supports the 7 chakras in the body and helps realign these points for healthy energy flow. The gems are strategically aligned to each need such as granite that brings energy and vitality.

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