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Parham Delijani BSc, MSc, Licensed Acupuncturist

Parham Delijani practices Raja Yoga meditation and has a Bachelors and Masters in Classical Chinese medicine. He studied Classical Chinese medicine since 2002 at the Swedish Institute in New York, NY. It is the oldest massage school in the US, The dean of the acupuncture department was Jeffrey Yuen, who is a scholar teacher of classical Chinese medicineĀ  which dates back 2,500 years ago. This teaching was at the highest caliber of study aligned to that of a doctorate program.

After graduation he did a two year program in advanced classical acupuncture with Jeffrey Yuen and a two year program on stone and gem therapy and then one year on essential oil therapy. He also studied Chinese herbal formulas and Qi Gong exercise.

Educating himself further in Tom Tam discipline, which is a practice of distant healing and a very unique method called Ton Gren, massage and Tui Na, this massage is very effective for many conditions including cancer. He has continued to study Master Tung style, which is known to be magical treating many chronic illnesses.

Another technique that he uses is “drumming for healing” which is aligned to a shamanic teaching, that uses a vibrational experience for the patient focusing onĀ  the area where energy needs to move or tonified, meaning increasing the available energy of the body or specific organ.


Parham believes that when you focus on the spiritual, before the physical, the healing of the spirit heals the body naturally.

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