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A contented patient


Parham is a HEALING ANGEL.

About 6 months ago, I woke up in EXTREME pain in my leg radiating from my knee. I immediately called a friend of mine who is an orthopedist and he recommended that I get an MRI of my knee. I did so, and to my surprise I found out that I tore my minuscus. I went in and saw the orthopedic surgeon, and he gave me two options, and gave me a prescription for an anti-inflammatory, and pain killers. The two options were go to physical therapy for 6 months, and see where you are at after, or get surgery performed on my knew, AND then go to physical therapy to recover from the surgery. I was speaking to a friend of mine and she said I have an acupuncturist who I go to who seems to work miracles.

Before seeingĀ Parham DelijaniĀ I believed that things like accupuntrue, and anything else that had to do with eastern medicine, was just a bunch of hokey pokey stuff. I called Parham, and he was able to make room for me in his busy schedule for the next day.

That day I came into see Parham I was in such extreme pain, it was bringing tears to my eyes. I sat with Parham and he asked me not only about my knee, but about other areas of my body, and my life in general. He must have spent a half hour just getting to know me before treating me, which I very much appreciated, as I was very nervous at first, as I had never had a bunch of needles stuck in me before, and was afraid of the treatment it self. Parham made me feel at ease. He spent about another hour and half putting needles in all different parts of my body, and explained everything he was doing along the way. I was very comfortable to say the least. I actually enjoyed the treatment quite a bit. I walked out of the treatment and felt 100% better, no pain whatsoever, I was quite surprised.

Parham told me that he was sure that the pain would come back, and I would need a couple of follow up treatments to take care of it completely, and I told him I would be in touch. When I left I was sure the lack of pain was just a mental thing. As the days and weeks went on, my pain did not come back, not until about a month later yet it was much more mild than before. I called Parham again, and went in and saw him again for a 2nd treatment and again I walked out feeling 100% better. He recommended that I should come back once a week for the next couple of weeks, and that he thought after that it would be unnecessary to treat these symptoms again. I did so, and went and saw Parham 2 more times. That was about 3 months ago. SINCE THEN I HAVE HAD NO PAIN WHATSOEVER, and I also had some digestive problems that consequently dissapeared as well. PARHAM IS A MIRACLE WORKER, I can not believe he is such a powerful healer. I can not even believe I am saying the words miracles, or healer, as before seeing him, I just did not believe in such things. I highly recommend anyone to go and See Parham, and please give me a call any time if you have any questions.

— J.S.


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